Corporate Picnics

Make your next Outdoor Corporate Picnic an event. Start off with an Outdoor Sound System that will be heard by all. Followed by our DJ & MC 2 Person Team Combination. Together the DJ will play a mix of music and the MC will host activities for everyone.

Your host can create team building activities for adults such as Balloons At Work, Battle At The Office, 21 Cups, Battle Of The Numbers, or Tug-Of-War.  We can also organize other activities such as Ride A Horse, Balloon Tossing Contest or Adult Treasure Hunt.  Our hosts can also get creative and play their version of Family Feud, The Dating Game, or The Price Is Right.

Let them play for trophies, medals, days-off, cash or simply bragging rights!  Either way it will definitely be fun and exciting.

If children are welcomed then your host can organize games such as Coke & Pepsi, Huggy Bear, Musical Chairs, Limbo Contest, Treasure Hunt, Potato Sack Races, Freeze Dance, or Hoola-Hoop Contest. We will supply all the props and prizes. Children and adults will both definitely sleep tight that night!

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